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Card shop opening!!

My card shop is opening today!!!! I am very very excited to share this with you! Make sure you go and visit!

To celebrate I've teamed up with the amazing people of Plastic-Free Me to organise a GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away a set of 5 cards and their envelopes to a random participant. Make sure you enter on Instagram, either on my account or on Plastic-Free Me's.

Now let me tell you a little bit more about the cards. They are all 100% PLASTIC-FREE, or what we call NAKED CARDS. This means that the cards are not wrapped in any plastic when shipped to you. They're digitally printed (green printing) on FSC certified paper by a sustainable, UK based, printing center (you can see their Environmental Statement here) and the envelopes I use are made from recycled paper. Both the cards and the envelopes can be easily recycled with your other papers as they are uncoated and acid-free.

Reducing our plastic consumption is really not that difficult. Have a look at the Plastic-Free Me blog as they have lots of tips and ideas to help you with that. Here are some of my own tips (all tested and approved!):

- Drink tap water rather than bottled water. We're lucky enough in Europe to have access to drinkable water in our own homes. Might as well use it!

- Get a reusable waterbottle to take on the go. Any cafe or bar will be happy to refill it for you at any point! And depending on where you are there will also be public fountains available at regular intervals.

- Get a reusable coffee/tea cup. Cafes will now accept to give you your coffee or tea in your own reusable cup. Some will even encourage it by giving you discounts!

- Bring your own reusable bag when shopping. And therefore SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS!

- Try and get unwrapped fruits and vegetables. Use your local markets or just be more aware of packagings when you go to your regular shop. Just paying more attention can already help you make the right choice.

- Say NO to straws when you go out (honestly, I never understood why we ever used straws in the first place).

- Use solid soap and shampoo. Solid soap is easy, cheap, great for traveling, smells amazing... I don't see why I would have to justify it really. It just makes sense to me. Now with shampoo I know it's a bit more difficult to take the step. It's a bit more difficult to find, I admit it, but it's getting more and more common. And really, I promise, it works great! You just need to get used to it! I use Lush's shampoo (I promise it actually works out cheaper considering how long you can keep a Lush shampoo bar for) but there are lots of other brands out there. I would love to hear your feedback if you've tried others!

- Use plastic-free laundry/dishwasher products. "How do you do that" you say? Well, a few months ago I tested out a brand called Smol (I swear I don't work for them, this is free advertising!) and I really liked it. They do plastic-free bio laundry capsules (as well as dishwasher tablets but I haven't tested those) AND they post them to you regularly so it's actually really easy! I pay £3.85 per 24 washes (that includes delivery) so pretty good I think. Anyway, have a look on their website, they explain everything. ->

- Oh and of course: buy my plastic-free cards!! :) :) So head over to the shop now! ->

Thank you for visiting!!! I hope this was useful to you! See you soon!



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