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Sketching with Stu Larsen

Stu Larsen is one of my all-time favourite artists as well as probably one of my favourite humans. He's one of the most kind and generous people I know. Going to sketch at one of his concerts or simply meeting up for a meal or a cup of coffee (which is often code for whisky) is something I always really look forward to.

This little livestream below was a really weird and special moment, a little treat before the end of a short-lived Hurricane Tour. Stu, Jarrad and Thomas had to bring their crazy tour (11 shows in 11 countries in 1 month) to an end due the Covid-19 situation. London became their last stop before they all made their way back to their isolation dens. To replace the concert that was supposed to take place the next day they decided to do a little livestream to share with people on Facebook. I'll let you watch it for yourself. Please ignore the part where I don't know how to spell my name right. Just skip to the bit where Jarrad is dancing. Enjoy.

Jarrad Seng dancing

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