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Johanna Gousset painting in her studio with watercolours - she creates animated music vide

Frequently Asked Questions

About the animation process

Here's a video showing the different steps of creating an animated music video.


How much does it cost?
(yes, I know that's your main worry!)

Each project is unique and will be quoted individually based on many different aspects, such as length, style, complexity, technique, audience, deadline, frame rate, copyright, licencing, etc.

If your budget is low please do get in touch anyway as I'm sure we can find solutions to make it fit within your budget!


How long does it take?

A fully-animated music video of a standard length (around 3 minutes) will usually take me between two to three months to make. However, do keep in mind that I may have other projects in progress already, so I recommend you getting in touch sooner rather than later to make sure I have enough time to fully focus on your project!


Who will I be dealing with?

Me and only me! This business has only got one member of staff and that's me, Johanna! I'll be with you for every step of the way, so be ready to put up with me for the next few months! I promise I'm nice!


Why is an animated music video interesting for you as a musician/singer/songwriter?

An animated music video is a unique way to connect with your fanbase. Images have the magic power of touching people's heart deeply, just like music. Imagine the two combined together! Plus, unlike a standard video, anything can happen in animation! It's a wonderful and authentic way to connect with your fans on an emotional level. The animation will inspire your audience thanks to a poetic narrative, flowing lines, brush strokes and colours. I will do my best to illustrate the meaning behind your music in a creative and original way.


How does it work?

Timeline Process Johanna Gousset Illustration Animation FAQ.png

Feeling ready? More questions? Get in touch!

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