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Johanna Gousset Illustration Animation Creative Studio.jpg
This is a picture of illustrator and animator Johanna Gousset painting in her studio. Johanna creates hand-drawn animated music videos for musicians singers and songwriters as well as book illustrations.

Hi! I'm Johanna!

I'm a creative director, illustrator and animation artist.



I paint, I draw and do all things creative. Some say I'm odd, some say I'm old (though I'm only 29), but most say I'm kind. I like to meet people, though I'm the most happy on my own with my brushes and paints. I like music and words and it's probably because I'm no good at them that I illustrate instead. It means I can be part of any world I want without having to shine and bow. I like to be the discreet one in the corner, capturing every scene in my sketchbook. Though don't get me wrong! I can also be brave and strong! Many can tell you "though she may be small, she is fierce"! Always trying my best to be fair and just and in return I expect to be treated fairly too.

I hope you will grow curious, like I did. And I hope you will see beauty in things and try to work towards more of it in this world.



Some facts

I grew up in the Pyrenean mountains, in the South of France. I traveled around a lot, especially to the United-States where I went multiple times. I lived in London (UK) for 6 years and after Covid moved to Belgium where I still live today.


My past clients include Tom Odell, Angus & Julia Stone, Stu Larsen, Passenger, Luke Thompson, Plàsi, Blanco White, IndieVibes, Purple Pomegranate Press, House Story Press, Bulles d'Albane, Lanista Partners Ltd, La Bonne Source, ...


I speak fluent French and English.


I got my BA Honours in Illustration from Middlesex University, London (UK).

Interesting fact: I was homeschooled for most of my younger years, which for me was the best thing ever!


I won the Lanista Partners Illustration Award in 2016 and was shortlisted twice for the Sketching For Survival Competition


I love tea, kind people, music, walks in nature, swimming, horses and apple pie.

«I've been lucky enough to hang out with Johanna a number of times over the last few years and I'm always amazed at her ability to slide into a room and capture the atmosphere around her in quick and vibrant sketches. She has a real skill in what she does and I'm looking forward to working together again in the future.»
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