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Terms and Conditions

1. The illustrator, hereby Johanna Gousset Illustration, always remains the sole owner of the copyright of the images present on this website. The use of these images for personal, commercial or advertising purposes is prohibited, except with written permission from the illustrator. This is also valid for social media! Please do not share my work without asking me first!

2. Protection of personal data: When you give me your contact details and other personal information (for example by registering to my newsletter), I only use them in the context of my communications with you and, in case of you working with me, drafting the documents necessary for your order, generally the agreement and the invoice. This data is collected confidentially and processed internally (i.e. by me only). You can request communication of your data and make corrections by sending an email to If you want to know how Wix is using your data please refer to their own privacy policy:

3. These conditions are governed by Belgian law. The competent court in the event of a dispute (though let’s hope it never comes to that!) is the Charleroi court (Avenue Général Michel 2 Boîte 1 - 6000 Charleroi), in French.

4. If you have any questions or concerns regarding my website or my work please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to help!

Contact Details:

Johanna Gousset Illustration

Rue du Vieux Saule, 46, boîte 2

6220 Fleurus



Phone number: +32 492 54 15 27

Numéro BCE: 0777 336 323

Numéro de TVA: BE 0777.336.323

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