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Animated Music Video

Sharing your music with the world is not always easy and music videos are a great way to reach a wider public and attract their attention. Animation is a wonderful way to combine drawing with music and to create something original and unique that will touch and inspire your public. Anything is possible in animation so it can really represent your universe and your story in a creative way. I love collaborating on projects so I would be more than happy to discuss ideas with you. If this is something that interests you, do get in touch and we can have a chat!

Plàsi reviews Johanna Gousset

"Some time ago Johanna showed me a few hand-drawn animations that she had created to my song ‘Run’. Month by month she kept on adding parts to it and I couldn’t stop being impressed."

(See full animation above)

Concert en live
Words from the fans...

"This song and video are incredibly beautiful... full of love, sadness and hope.... it's like life is... smiling, crying at the same time..."


"wow... that’s all i can’t say. this is just pure beauty"


"This video is absolutely stunningly beautiful!"


"wow, this video is literally the song, simple and gorgeous :) love it"


"Absolutely stunningly beautiful song and equally stunningly beautiful animation!! One of my favorite videos ever!! xx"




"Can't believe that every single frame was made by hand, what a beautiful video - shout out to Johanna for the magical illustrations and Mikael for the amazing music!"

Stu Larsen reviews Johanna Gousset
Stu Larsen

"I've been lucky enough to hang out with Johanna a number of times over the last few years. She’s very talented and captures some beautiful moments. She has a real skill in what she does and I'm looking forward to working together again in the future."

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