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Johanna Gousset


I grew up in the mountains, in the Pyrenees. My world is full of tall trees, running rivers and beautiful birds. In 2023 I dream of a world that can be filled with music and art again, a world full of inspiration, connection and passion.

Passionate about drawing, I’ve always been looking for ways to connect it with my other sources of inspiration. Discovering animation was a revelation for me as it allows me to combine all the things I love: drawing, movement, music, words, nature, honesty, creativity. Working with musicians is for me a wonderful way to bring together many different levels of emotions and express them in a way which, hopefully, helps inspire others.

I have been lucky enough to work alongside wonderful artists such as Tom Odell, Stu Larsen, Plàsi, Blanco White, Passenger, Natsuki Kurai, Tim Hart, Luke Thompson, ... and I look forward to future collaborations!


Plàsi reviews Johanna Gousset

"Johanna is able to capture everything from the detailed face expression to the room's atmosphere with her sketches. Loved to have her over at my last show in London!"

Stu Larsen reviews Johanna Gousset
Stu Larsen

"I've been lucky enough to hang out with Johanna a number of times over the last few years and I'm always amazed at her ability to slide into a room and capture the atmosphere around her in quick and vibrant sketches. She has a real skill in what she does and I'm looking forward to working together again in the future."

Mike Thexton Portrait.jpg
Mike Thexton
Author and Publisher

"Her artwork speaks for itself: what I can add is that she is a great collaborator, willing to work together with the author so that the finished book is greater than the sum of the words and the pictures. I cannot recommend her highly enough (as long as she doesn't become too busy to work on my books!)."

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